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Set Apart

Free First Class

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Welcome to Set Apart

Set Apart is a group fitness experience centered around 50-minute high-intensity interval training and energizing music. Our trainers will leave you feeling strong, inspired, and unstoppable as they push you through the best part of your day. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, our format was created so everyone can succeed and know that they are SET APART.

Free First Class

First class is free! Click below to book your first class.

Class Formats

Strength: This 50-minute full body strength and conditioning class combines high intensity interval training and strength circuits. Be prepared to pick up weights, dig deep, and push your limits in this fat burning class that increases strength while offering functional benefits. Designed for all levels, Set Apart offers a well-balanced workout to build endurance, improve muscle definition, and expand mental toughness. Your Set Apart Trainer will customize your weight range and offer modified movements to optimize your work out!

Classes alternate between an emphasis on upper body, lower body, & full body throughout the week. 

Yoga: This 60-minute yoga practice allows you to turn stress into sweat by challenging your flexibility, power, balance, and mindfulness. This practice focuses on fundamental principles and postures of vinyasa yoga which is great for beginners and advanced individuals. Your yoga instructor will help you modify and master movements. 

Please bring your own yoga mat. If you do not have one, you can rent one for $3 at the studio.

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Our Mission

At Set Apart, we believe fitness and well-being play a vital role in helping everyone become the highest version of themselves. Our studio is a space where all belong, all are significant, all are Set Apart!

Our Location

You can find us at our location below:

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